When are SAT Scores Released?

sat score release

You studied. You took the SAT test. Now, when are SAT scores released? How long will you have to wait to see your hard-earned SAT score report?

Thankfully, the College Board doesn’t keep you waiting too long.

When are SAT Scores Released?

The College Board releases SAT scores about 13 days after your test day, generally the second Friday after your test. It takes about 15 days to receive your Essay score.

The College Board releases SAT scores about 13 days after your test day, generally the second Friday after your test.

If you requested four free score reports, the College Board sends your score report to colleges 10 days after you receive your score. 

Fall 2020 SAT Score Release Dates:

SAT Test DateSAT Score Release Date
August 29, 2020September 21, 2020
September 26, 2020October 9, 2020
October 3, 2020October 16, 2020
November 7, 2020November 20, 2020
December 5, 2020December 18, 2020

How to View Your SAT Scores

The best way to view your SAT scores is online! Just log in to your College Board account to view your score report.

You can also get your score report by paper or phone. Learn more about this option here.  

Ok, I Have My Scores. Now What Do They Tell Me?

Your total SAT score is out of 400-1600. This is usually the largest number on your score report and this is the score students talk about the most – if your friend says “I got a 1310 on the SAT,” they’re talking about their total SAT score

sat score report

Your total SAT score is formed by adding up your two section scores, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math, which are scored out of 200-800. Sometimes colleges will look at your section scores in addition to your total score (they are all listed on the same score report) to evaluate your performance in a certain area. For example, an engineering school may value a high Math section score over a high Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. 

You can use your score report to make a study plan for your next SAT test (if you plan to take one). If you didn’t reach your goal score, you can estimate how many more questions you need to get correct to get your goal score with the SAT’s raw score conversion table

For example, if you want to raise your Math score by 100 points, you could look at the conversion chart and see that you’d need to answer about 11 more math questions correctly to raise your score by 100 points. Doesn’t getting 11 questions correct sound much more achievable than the vague “100 points?”

Learn more about this strategy and how the SAT is scored in this post: How is the SAT Scored?

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How Do I Improve My SAT Score?

To improve your SAT score, start with a study plan.

Do you remember what concepts you struggled with on the test? If so, start there. Seek out instructional videos and practice questions on the concepts and learn them inside and out. 

If you don’t remember specifically what you struggled with (or the whole test felt like a struggle), take a practice SAT test to get a feel for the kinds of questions you struggle with. Then, seek out instructional material and practice questions to create your own study plan that will help you learn those hard concepts.

If you’re thinking, “that sounds a bit overwhelming,” we hear you. That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you and created an instructional SAT study course that covers everything you need to know for the test. It’s packed with engaging animated videos, test tips, and practice questions. 

Because it’s online (and self-paced) you can enroll and start studying right away at www.olive-book.com.

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