How to Study for the ACT Senior Year

Congrats, senior! You’ve worked hard and are so close to graduating high school. This year, including the summer prior to the start of the year, is for ensuring you have the ACT score you need, visiting colleges, applying to colleges, and getting into (at least one) college.

Review Yourself as an Applicant

The summer before senior year, you want to review how you look on paper as a college applicant. In other words, your GPA, course rigor, and ACT scores create a general profile of you as an applicant. If you are unhappy with your ACT scores, then you should complete a prep course like The Olive Book, complete one or two practice tests and schedule your next ACT test date. Keep the application due dates in mind when deciding on the ACT test date. You need to allow time for the school to receive your scores, not just time for you to take the test.    

Start Your College Applications

If you are feeling good about how you look on paper, then you want to spend the summer getting started on your college applications. The best place to start is with the Common App, because it applies to almost 900 schools. If you can start school the fall of your senior year with your Common App completed and at least a draft of your Common App essay, then you will be in excellent shape! (Head here for more information on how many schools you should apply to!)

How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

Amidst the applications, tests, and traveling, don’t forget to savor the time you have left in high school! It’ll be over before you know it.

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