increase act science speed

Tips for Increasing Speed on the ACT Science Section

Speed and accuracy: the two things ACT Science test-takers crave but are so very hard to achieve. You have already completed three sections of the ACT, your brain is getting worn out, and then, bam, you are smacked with the Science test – 6 passages and 40 questions in only 35 minutes. But increasing your …

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act math vocabulary terms

ACT (or SAT) Math Vocabulary Terms to Know

You will find some math vocabulary on the SAT and ACT: words that may sound familiar and whose meaning may be the key to finding the correct answer. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with them in order to do your best on the math section of either of these tests! The list of terms below covers the main math vocabulary terms you should know for the ACT or SAT:

sat reading comprehension

How to Ace the ACT Reading Section

How do you get through the entire ACT reading section in just 35 minutes, let alone ace it? With a few strategies and a bit of knowledge about how you read, you can conquer the ACT reading section and boost your overall score.