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Going to College is Expensive. Not Going is More So.

At 46 years old, my wife and I still carry student loan debt, loans that only a year ago finally ebbed below $100,000. I’m not only alright with that, I’m grateful because those loans gave each of us careers as college professors, occupations that wouldn’t have been available to either of us without borrowing.  Is …

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Colleges are Going Test-Optional. Should You Still Take the ACT or SAT Test?

As the College Board and ACT, Inc cancel test after test due to the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities are also canceling certain admission requirements; namely, the SAT or ACT score requirement. As more and more colleges are allowing for test-optional applications, where does that leave you? If you’re applying to colleges this fall, should you still take the ACT or SAT test?

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Confidence-Boosting Tips for Nervous Test Takers

Feeling stressed or nervous before a big test like the ACT or SAT is normal. Sometimes normal stress can become test anxiety: a physical, emotional reaction you cannot calm or control. The difference between stress or nerves and test anxiety is one’s ability to calm down and move on. There are a few mental and physical exercises you can perform to reduce test-day nerves and boost your confidence.