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ACT Study Schedules: 2, 3, and 4 Month Study Plans

Studying for the ACT can sound overwhelming. You know you need to study Reading, Science, English, and Math, but there are so many concepts within each subject. Where do you even begin? You begin with an ACT study schedule! Creating an ACT study plan is your first step to effective ACT prep. In order to study …

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what to expect on the psat

What to Expect on the PSAT

The 2019 PSAT test is coming up on October 16. To help you prepare for the big day, we’ve created a rundown of what’s on the test, how it’s scored, and how you should prepare; not to mention some details on becoming a National Merit Scholar.

books to read 2019

October Reading Round-Up

This month, we wanted to share the books that we’ve been reading for fun and would recommend to a friend (you!). From popular fiction to creative treatises and non-fiction, The Olive Book staff has been reading quite a variety of material recently, and we hope there is something that piques your interest: