5 Study Tips from Hermione Granger

hermione study tips 2019

On this fine Halloween 2019, we’re sharing 5 study tips from none other than the queen of the wizarding world, Hermione Granger! 

Famous (or infamous?) for her consuming study habits, Hermione teaches us a lot about how to study and apply new knowledge. From time-traveling to take more classes, to mastering spells that save her friends, Hermione can be a study-hero to us all. 

1. Make Learning a Habit

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Hermione constantly pursues what interests her; her curiosity about all things magic and passion for learning about it sets her apart from her peers. Curiosity is your greatest advantage when studying for the SAT or ACT. If you’re interested in the world around you, you’ll find yourself constantly seeking, absorbing, and applying new information. All of this background knowledge comes in handy on the SAT or ACT, as you’ll have developed a depth of mind that allows you to interpret and apply ideas to new problems. 

For example, have you ever read a book for fun about, say, the American Revolution, and then aced your US History test because you’d not only studied but learned extra information from the book you read? This is the kind of thing that happens when you make learning a habit – you accumulate knowledge that is bound to come in handy. And even if it doesn’t, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t master string theory, if you’re interested in it. 

2. Put Your Knowledge to Action

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One of the best ways to truly learn a new concept is to use it – even if it blows up in your face! 

Challenge yourself to put new knowledge into action as you study and throughout your day. This could look like using a new vocabulary word as many times as you can in one day, or looking for real-world examples of the math concept you just learned. However you do it, you’ll find that once you’ve put your new knowledge to action, it’s much more likely to “stick!”

3. Read, Read, Read

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You rarely see Hermione without a book in hand – and she’s onto something! 

Not only does reading expose you to new ideas and strengthen your brain, but it is also 100% the best way to improve your Reading and English scores! Reading regularly helps you 1) practice absorbing texts and 2) recognize standard English grammar. Combined, you’ll be able to tear through the Reading and English sections. 

We recommend reading high-quality books and articles in order to get the most out of your reading time (find a long list of recommendations here!). And the thing is, you don’t have to read for hours on end to make a significant dent in your reading list; reading for 15 minutes a day can add up to 18 books completed in a year!

4. Ask Questions

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While Hermione is rather infamous for her class participation, she has one thing right: don’t be afraid to ask questions! 

If you’re not understanding a topic, the best thing you can do is ask someone to help you understand. Studying may be a solitary activity, but you don’t have to do it all on your own! 

5. Speak Kindly to Yourself

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Last of all, speak kindly to yourself. Your attitude defines your outlook, and a positive attitude will help you stay motivated to study and keep your spirits up. 

Happy Halloween!

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