30 Podcasts to Make You Smarter

Don’t let your brain go on pilot mode this summer. With all your glorious free time, try listening to a podcast that will sharpen your brain and engage your curiosity rather than indulging in another Netflix binge or scrolling through the black-hole that is internet (We’ve all been there).

Podcasts are incredibly portable (dare we say, even more portable than books) and usually 100% free. Just download or stream one that interests you, and listen while you work out, walk the dog, do chores, or road-trip to that family vacation you’ve totally been looking forward to.

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We’ve curated over 30 podcasts that are educational but still engaging and accessible. Topics range from science and design, to linguistic oddities, to economics and politics. We’ve listed our favorite in each category first, but they’re all high-quality and interesting.

Now, grab those earbuds and start sampling:

Math Podcasts:

Math Dude
Oxford’s The Secrets of Mathematics
BBC A Brief History of Math
Breaking Math
Dr. Eugenia Chen on Curiosity Daily

Science Podcasts:

Scientific American’s Science Talk
Science Friday
The Guardian’s Science Weekly
BBC Discovery

English/Grammar Podcasts:

The World in Words
Grammar Girl
The Allusionist
BBC 6 Minute Grammar
Lexicon Valley

Language Podcasts:

Coffee Break Spanish
Coffee Break French
Duolingo Spanish
Duolingo French
Radio Ambulante

Podcasts to Keep Your Curiosity Alive:

99% Invisible
Ted Radio Hour
How I Built This
Radio Lab
Planet Money
This American Life
Hidden Brain

News Podcasts:

Up First
The Daily
BBC Global News
Pod Save America

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